02 February 2015

ZDF winter games season 2014

Layout styles created with Octane

For the ZDF we created several Layouts for the winter games season 2014 / 2015. We had no time and no budget. Like everytime. So we looked for a really efficient way to get some cool looking styleframes.

It was planed to create camera animations zooming down from an overview map to the detailed venue. We used Octane for this task because it is very cool for layouting in 3D because you get instant feedback and you can be creative instead of waiting for the renderer to give you a visual feedback. We used a PC with 3 x GTX 780 with 3GB Ram and rendered in 4K. The rendertime per frame was around 1-7 Minutes depending on the complexity of the style and camera angle.

This was our first real Octane project and for this task it was the perfect tool. We hope to use Octane more on future projects.

ZDF winter games season 2014 - Project page

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