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3D Animation

Computer animations not only conquered the film industry, but are nowadays used in many industries. Satisfy your customers with 3D-animations of products, buildings and processes.

Interactive animation

Lively interactive animations can replace bloviate presentations. They simplify complex processes and make virtual products tangible. We describe functions vivid by combining interactivity and 3D-elements.

Character animation

With animated characters you give your product a personality which has a big recognition value. Cartoon or realistic-seeming characters with their distinct gestures and facial expressions gain the sympathies of your customers in areas like movies, commercials or trade shows.

Assembly instructions animation

It’s like the reality just more understandable: With an animation of assembly instructions you can describe working stages clear and detailed to your customers. Instead of producing a high priced live-action movie, you can illustrate procedures with animations or still frames virtually and adjust them easily.