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The largest manufacturer of prefabricated garages in Germany, Zapf, converted its internal processes to a new configurator software in 2018. But this should not only set new impulses internally. A web version was planned for the customers, which should be visually superior to the competition.

Together with Zapf, we developed a tailored concept that is as flexible as possible but still delivers the best possible visual output. In addition, loading times and performance had to be on a real-time level in order to meet the requirements of a modern web application.

The individual garage elements were first reconstructed in 3D. Several thousand layers were then rendered, which were later assembled to provide a realistic representation of the configured garage. In addition, various lighting situations and perspectives were created.

Then we developed a direct connection to the existing configurator and a software, which outputs a finished image within a few milliseconds after receiving the configuration.

The result are photorealistic pictures of the future garage, which give the offer a personal and emotional touch through their quality and different light situations and views.

All processes from the creation of the digital images to the software integration were created in-house. Thus a smooth and fast expiration could be guaranteed and an unrivalled quality level be reached.


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