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Eurojackpot 2015 TVC


First task was the replacement of the mirror with a custom wall. The client wanted a sleazy wall behind the mirror so we first needed to mask out the mirror. Because of the complex mirror frame and the small size of it in the footage, we decided to take a big reference photo from the set and match it with the footage. So we could mask out a really big picture in a short amount of time very detailed instead of playing around with 1-pixel sized brush tools.

After that we created the wall by using different textures and painting them together.
Meanwhile we started with the shatter simulation. Neverest gave us a reference shot of a broken mirror they recorded for the spot. So instead of using a random voronoi pattern to shatter the mirror we traced the cracks from the reference in Adobe Flash by hand to get a realistic pattern.

The simulations of the shattering mirror and the debris were made with the Cinema 4D Dynamics in combination with Nitroblast. A smoke pass was simulated with TurbulenceFD. For integrating the CGIs into the footage we rendered shadow and reflection passes. We also replaced the static curtain with a simulated one to get an interaction between the glass and the curtain. At last we added a rendered golf ball to complete the shot.

In two additional shots we just needed to integrate the broken mirror.

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