25 February 2015

Blueprint Tools

Import blueprints and set the scale within seconds

For the last project we needed to import a lot of blueprints into Cinema 4D. We also needed to scale them. We decided to make a little plugin, to solve this work faster. We named it the FuV Blueprint Importer.

You can do two things:

  • Import a blueprint into Cinema 4D
  • scale the blueprint exactly to the right size

We first used an old C.O.F.F.E.E script called Imageplane, but it always generated a reflection channel and did not set the texture resolution. So if you use the Blueprint Importer you only select your image and you instantly get a plane with your image attached. The resolution in the material will also be set to the resolution of your image. Plus there is a Display-Tag on your plane, wich allows you to see the blueprint also in Line mode.

The second Part of the Blueprint Importer is the measuring script. Click it first and you get two NULL-objects. Set the NULL-objects to a known length on the blueprint. Select your blueprint plane, execute the script one more time and set the distance in the pop up window. After clicking, the plane will be scaled to the proper size.

For more infos we made a short video and if you have questions use the comments. And here is the Download Link:

FuV Blueprint Importer

For Installation just copy the folder to the following path: 

C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D\library\scripts

You can also access your Cinema 4D user folder by opening Cinema, going to the preferences and clicking on the button in the left bottom corner called “Open Preferences Folder”. After copying the folder restart Cinema 4D and the script should appear in the script tab.

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