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13 May 2016

FuV Close Other Documents

Close all documents except the active one

You won't believe this. It is finally there! A script to close all documents at once with one click except the active one. The development took years but we got it finished before maxon implemented this feature. With this new script you catch up with all the pro tools like Maya, Modo or even 3ds max.
The best thing since sliced bread so get it while it's hot:

FuV Close Other Documents

Just drop it in your script folder and place it in your interface with the "customize palettes" command.
  • Hendrik

    13 May 2016 - 14:12:34

    Nice one! Since you seem to be sripting masters, here’s a suggestion I would love to script myself, if I was able:

    Converting all Takes from the new Take-System in one Master file with the takes being converted to keyframes.

    Why would you need it? Use the Take systems benefits to build a lot of product shots (still) and then be able to render it with Rebusfarm. (Not everyone has it’s own renderfarm ;)

    Always inspiring work, what you guys are doing – all the best.

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