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20 March 2015

Quicktip #5

Material Exchanger

Today we show you how you can benefit from the function: Material Exchanger. You can easily change all materials in your scene from C4D Advanced Render to VRAYforC4D and vice versa with one click. This can be very useful for example when you have a lot of SSS, glass or metalshader in your scene because then your viewport is normally ...

13 March 2015

Quicktip #4

Tips and tricks for selecting objects

This time we show you some tricks to speed up your workflow. There are several ways how you can select objects, tags and polygons or make loopselections. See the video for some handy shortcuts and functions to do this. ...

06 March 2015

Quicktip #3

Calculating with input fields in Cinema 4D

In our today´s Quicktip you will learn what you can do with numeric inputfields in Cinema4D. There are several functions you can use to alter the values in all inputfields. We hope you will like the tricks we show you in the video. ...

26 February 2015

Quicktip #2

map folders reliable in a windows network

Windows users working with shared folders know the problem, that sometimes the folders are actually there but marked with a red cross. Then you click on the marked folder and the connection is all the sudden there. When you have some rendernodes this is a big problem, since you only want to start the machine and get a ...

15 February 2015

Quicktip #1

Speedup your workflow with Tag Presets

Here is our 1st Quicktip. In this section we share usefull tricks and tips with you which will improve your daily workflow. We take the term “Quick” very literally, so you don’t need much time to read through. To assign a Tag and to configure several options repeatedly is a time consuming task. The solution to this problem is ...