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13 May 2016

FuV Close Other Documents

Close all documents except the active one

You won't believe this. It is finally there! A script to close all documents at once with one click except the active one. The development took years but we got it finished before maxon implemented this feature. With this new script you catch up with all the pro tools like Maya, Modo or even 3ds max. The best thing since ...

03 April 2015

Quicktip #7

Create a fast and dynamic grid with a simple XPresso setup

This week we built a simple XPresso setup to create a two dimensional dynamic grid with a Mograph Cloner. Just drop your object into the Cloner and you are done. With the User Date you can adjust the gap between your clones. If you now change the clone count, the grid is adjusted automatically in length and width. ...

04 March 2015

Screw Generator Update

More screw heads and new level of details

The feedback of our Screw Generator setup was really huge, so we decided to enhance it. We proudly present to you the Screw Generator 2.0. Thanks to the support of the member macray from c4dnetwork.com, we implemented his 25 modeled screw heads including 4 level of details and varitaions with washers. Makes a total of 180 variations including the LOD. In addition the screw ...

26 February 2015

Quicktip #2

map folders reliable in a windows network

Windows users working with shared folders know the problem, that sometimes the folders are actually there but marked with a red cross. Then you click on the marked folder and the connection is all the sudden there. When you have some rendernodes this is a big problem, since you only want to start the machine and get a ...

25 February 2015

Blueprint Tools

Import blueprints and set the scale within seconds

For the last project we needed to import a lot of blueprints into Cinema 4D. We also needed to scale them. We decided to make a little plugin, to solve this work faster. We named it the FuV Blueprint Importer. You can do two things: Import a blueprint into Cinema 4D scale the blueprint exactly to the ...