15 May 2015

Quicktip #9

Create a pulsing light effect with XPresso

In this weeks Quicktip we share with you a XPresso setup to create a cool pulsing light effect. We made some annotations in the XPresso-Tag, so you can see how this works. You can also change the number of lights manually and they are automatically integrated into the light pulse. You can download the scene file from our server: ...

11 May 2015

VRAYforC4D Sneak Peek #2

faster hair rendering with Embree

The next Version of VRAYforC4D with the new V-Ray 3 core includes the Intel Embree raycaster, specifically designed to increase the performance of photorealistic rendering. Now you can render render instances and hair much faster with new Embree acceleration. When you enable Embree VRAYforC4D uses single precision instead of double precision, in our tests the rendertimes decreased by 60 percent most of the time. ...

29 April 2015

Eurojackpot TV-Commercial

Shattering mirrors with Cinema 4D

For the Eurojackpot TV-Commercial we had the task to replace a filmed mirror with one that is broken by a golf ball. We made all the simulations and effects with Cinema 4D. For more information and the whole spot you can go to the project page Eurojackpot 2015 TVC ...

27 April 2015

VRAYforC4D Sneak Peek #1

Dynamic Bucket Splitting

Thanks to LaubLab, the developer of VRAYforC4D, we could get our hands on the latest VRAYforC4D build, using the Vray 3 Core, to show you the latest features which will be integrated in the next version. We will keep you up to date about the latest VRAYforC4D developments and are going to record new Sneak Peek videos ...

24 April 2015

Quicktip #8

Triggering Dynamics with XPresso

This week we show you how to trigger your Dynamics with a proxy object by using XPresso. You can download the scene file from here: Trigger Dynamics with XPresso Also stay tuned for the next week, when we show you some brand new features of the upcoming VRAYforC4D version.   ...