13 May 2016

FuV Close Other Documents

Close all documents except the active one

You won't believe this. It is finally there! A script to close all documents at once with one click except the active one. The development took years but we got it finished before maxon implemented this feature. With this new script you catch up with all the pro tools like Maya, Modo or even 3ds max. The best thing since ...

24 March 2016

Building our GPU Workstation

This is how we handle GPU rendering

At the end of 2015 we made an important decision. We switched from VRAYforC4D to Octane for Cinema 4D as our main renderengine. In addition to software issues we had another big problem. We had 16 CPU Renderslaves but only 6 GTX 780 graphics cards with only 3GB of RAM. It was clear we needed a big hardware update to ...

05 June 2015

VRAYforC4D Sneak Peek #3

Progressive Rendering with VRAYforC4D

The next Version of VRAYforC4D with the new V-Ray 3 core has a new Antialiasing-mode called Progressive Image Sampler. When you enable this mode VRAYforC4D uses the new progressive rendering engine of V-Ray 3. It´s really easy to control and it generates a quick feedback of the whole image, even with complex features such as volumetric effects, depth of field and motion ...

22 May 2015

Quicktip #10

Creating realistic grass with Cinema 4D Hair

In our last Sneak Peek we created a simple grass setup using Cinema 4D Hair to demonstrate the latest embree for hair setup. We got a lot mails, asking how we created the grass. In this Quicktip we share the basic setup using two layers of Hair. You can look into the Hair materials, modify, reuse or just ...

19 May 2015

Memmert Productvisualization

How we managed over 150 visualizations using Cinema 4D and After Effects

For the Memmert GmbH we produced visualizations for over 150 products including two variations of each machine. The hardest part here was to keep track of all those images. As all the machines were basically similar, we just had to create one light setup. So we started with one machine first, creating all the materials and building a light setup. ...