17 February 2015

Screw Generator

XPresso setup for generating screws

In the last project we got CAD-data from the client but all the screws were really poor concerning details. So we quickly built that setup for creating screws with different detail levels. The setup is really self-explanatory. You have a controller-Null with all the userdata. You can switch between different screw heads and vary size and details. And here is the Download ...

15 February 2015

Quicktip #1

Speedup your workflow with Tag Presets

Here is our 1st Quicktip. In this section we share usefull tricks and tips with you which will improve your daily workflow. We take the term “Quick” very literally, so you don’t need much time to read through. To assign a Tag and to configure several options repeatedly is a time consuming task. The solution to this problem is ...

11 February 2015

Condair Infographics

creating different infographics and visualizations

Here is a new project we did for Condair, which is the global leading manufacturer of industrial humidification & evaporative cooling. The first project was an infographic showing the online capabilities of their Condair EL machine. They wanted to show an office building with their product inside. The Condair EL should communicate with an office inside the building and also with a ...

09 February 2015

Script: Generate Output Path

Small Python Script to set and create your output path

Naming your output path and creating folders for image sequences or single images is really annoying. Plus you can make mistakes and filenames and image names don't match. We created a small Python script here at Fuchs & Vogel which creates an output folder at your c4d-file location and sets the output path at the rendersettings. If you render multiple frames the ...

06 February 2015

Building our Workstation

And why the fastest PC for rendering is not always the best for working

First we want to apologize for our website blackout yesterday. It looks like someone did a DDoS-Attack to make our life hard. Now we are back in business and start with the next article.   After the article about our Render-Nodes we were asked about the configuration of our workstations. We want to give you some insights to our setup and tell ...