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04 March 2015

Screw Generator Update

More screw heads and new level of details

The feedback of our Screw Generator setup was really huge, so we decided to enhance it. We proudly present to you the Screw Generator 2.0.

Thanks to the support of the member macray from, we implemented his 25 modeled screw heads including 4 level of details and varitaions with washers. Makes a total of 180 variations including the LOD. In addition the screw heads no longer are in the same hierarchy as the rest of the screw. So when converting the screw with the "current state to object" command, you no longer have to delete all the invisible screw heads inside that hierarchy.

So here is the download:
FuV Screw Generator 2.0

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  • Matt Rittman

    20 Mar 2016 - 21:17:23

    Is there a way to hide the screw? When I change the visible in editor/renderer to off, it leaves a little disc behind. Also, a faster way to scale the screw would be nice. Thanks for the nice plugin, just needs some tweaking!

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