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19 May 2015

Memmert Productvisualization

How we managed over 150 visualizations using Cinema 4D and After Effects

For the Memmert GmbH we produced visualizations for over 150 products including two variations of each machine. The hardest part here was to keep track of all those images. As all the machines were basically similar, we just had to create one light setup. So we started with one machine first, creating all the materials and building a light setup. ...

29 April 2015

Eurojackpot TV-Commercial

Shattering mirrors with Cinema 4D

For the Eurojackpot TV-Commercial we had the task to replace a filmed mirror with one that is broken by a golf ball. We made all the simulations and effects with Cinema 4D. For more information and the whole spot you can go to the project page Eurojackpot 2015 TVC ...

11 February 2015

Condair Infographics

creating different infographics and visualizations

Here is a new project we did for Condair, which is the global leading manufacturer of industrial humidification & evaporative cooling. The first project was an infographic showing the online capabilities of their Condair EL machine. They wanted to show an office building with their product inside. The Condair EL should communicate with an office inside the building and also with a ...

02 February 2015

ZDF winter games season 2014

Layout styles created with Octane

For the ZDF we created several Layouts for the winter games season 2014 / 2015. We had no time and no budget. Like everytime. So we looked for a really efficient way to get some cool looking styleframes. It was planed to create camera animations zooming down from an overview map to the detailed venue. We used Octane for this task because ...