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24 March 2016

Building our GPU Workstation

This is how we handle GPU rendering

At the end of 2015 we made an important decision. We switched from VRAYforC4D to Octane for Cinema 4D as our main renderengine. In addition to software issues we had another big problem. We had 16 CPU Renderslaves but only 6 GTX 780 graphics cards with only 3GB of RAM. It was clear we needed a big hardware update to ...

06 February 2015

Building our Workstation

And why the fastest PC for rendering is not always the best for working

First we want to apologize for our website blackout yesterday. It looks like someone did a DDoS-Attack to make our life hard. Now we are back in business and start with the next article.   After the article about our Render-Nodes we were asked about the configuration of our workstations. We want to give you some insights to our setup and tell ...

03 February 2015

Building your own Renderfarm

How to build your own cheap, silent and cost-effective rendernode

Last September we moved to our new office and needed render power to start our business. Because there was only one room we needed a solution for the hardware combining three criteria: Low noise Small form factor Cost-effective We searched the internet for hardware combinations and after a few tries we ended up with a good ...