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22 May 2015

Quicktip #10

Creating realistic grass with Cinema 4D Hair

In our last Sneak Peek we created a simple grass setup using Cinema 4D Hair to demonstrate the latest embree for hair setup. We got a lot mails, asking how we created the grass. In this Quicktip we share the basic setup using two layers of Hair. You can look into the Hair materials, modify, reuse or just ...

15 May 2015

Quicktip #9

Create a pulsing light effect with XPresso

In this weeks Quicktip we share with you a XPresso setup to create a cool pulsing light effect. We made some annotations in the XPresso-Tag, so you can see how this works. You can also change the number of lights manually and they are automatically integrated into the light pulse. You can download the scene file from our server: ...

24 April 2015

Quicktip #8

Triggering Dynamics with XPresso

This week we show you how to trigger your Dynamics with a proxy object by using XPresso. You can download the scene file from here: Trigger Dynamics with XPresso Also stay tuned for the next week, when we show you some brand new features of the upcoming VRAYforC4D version.   ...

03 April 2015

Quicktip #7

Create a fast and dynamic grid with a simple XPresso setup

This week we built a simple XPresso setup to create a two dimensional dynamic grid with a Mograph Cloner. Just drop your object into the Cloner and you are done. With the User Date you can adjust the gap between your clones. If you now change the clone count, the grid is adjusted automatically in length and width. ...

27 March 2015

Quicktip #6

How to bake Mograph animations to keyframes with XPresso

This Friday we show you how to bake animations from a Cinema 4D Mograph Cloner to single objects by using XPresso and the Timeline Bake function. You can download the example scenefile here: Bake Mograph Setup   ...